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Ortodox Celts

Green Roses

       G                                       C
At the crack of the dawn thunder and lightning crossed the way
    Am              Em                C                   D
The shadow of night waited to see the bright light of the day
  G                                     C
Nobody saw his bitter tears through the dark veil of rain
    Am             Em                 C              D
The river of blood under his feet run wild again and again

          G          C
The green roses will grow
      Am                   D
While green fields turn to red
     Em       C
Only memory remains
   Am           D
Of hero and his faith

He just stood and he stared with a sword in his hand
Under the bridge of rainbow's gold he fought for his land
The black crow stole his destiny and flew from the cross
Flyin' high, goin' so far to take his soul away

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