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Ortodox Celts

Me, Myselfe and Sky

D				     G                  D	
Listen to this story, son, there's somethin' you gotta know
G		     D			A		
Your spirit got to find for shore are you standin' high or low
D					G		D
Now, listen with the both ears open and don't ask me why
G		    D           A               D 
You'll hear why I'm lonely, Just me, myself and sky
A			      G               D	
I don't need no carriages, the rainbow is my horse
A			      G
I don't need to think about is it better or it's worse
A				G		D
I don't need no empty rooms, the land's my very bed
G			       D	G		A
With the sheets of green grass growin' and rock upon my head
D		G		D		   A
I got friends, blow ye winds, 'tween the clouds so wild and free
D		G		D		     A
I take a breath to spread my wings and fly accross the sea
    D				     G                  D	
So that's the fairytale my boy, sleep tight and try to learn
G		    D               A               D 
You got world in hand my son, just don't betray your soul

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