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A.C.A.B - Skinheads for Life


Skinheads for Life



HOOK se ponavlja 2x ^

A5                                C5      
Awaiting for the glory day, when eastern rebels lead the way
G5                                              A5
Nothing can kill the and pride in heart of the working class night.
A5                                     C5
Marteen boots and shaven head are ready to invade
G5                                   A5
The urban street of the kl city will be ruled by strength of our fist
             C5              G5             D5              A5
Tell your heart that you are free to stand defiany on tyranny
     C5              G5              A5  ~ moze se ubaciti HOOK dio [5-8-5-8 na E]
Into a new freedom, guide you, yes I will
         C5             G5
Keep the faith and let it be
 D5                 A5
Believe in you believe in me
          C5           G5                        E5 ~  [A zica polje 7 powerchord]
Until the day we ruled the street shall we meet

A5           C5
Skinhead 4 life
           G5           A5
I'm a skinhead 4 life
A5            C5
Skinhead 4 life
         G5            A5
Be a skinhead 4 life

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