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The hardest thing

Am                 F
I sleep all night, right by your side,
    C                    G            E
I love to hear, your breathing, breathing.
Am                   F
The morning light, opens my eyes,
    C                  G           E
It's nearly time for leaving, leaving.
Dm                           F
I know that it's seems, like it's easy for me,
      Dm                             F
oh I wish you could feel, what's going on inside.. *me*

Am                                  F
It's the hardest thing I ever have to do,
                   C                G
to walk away from you, when I wanna hold you.
             Am                       F             
It's the hardest thing in every single day,
                   C                       G
to have to turn away, I want you to know that.
            Dm            F
This is the hardest thing.


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