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Ascend - Elan Bite


Elan Bite

Am               F
Reaching for the speed of light,
C                       Am
Screaming for it's elan bite.
Am               F
Shooting for the same old thrill,
C              Am
Closing to the overfill.

Can't you feel it?
                  C             Am
Can't you feel it building up inside you?
Can't you feel it?
                  C       D
Can't you feel it running wild?

Am   C        F               C    G
Woooah Silver lines before my eyes!
A      C F              C
Woooooah I'm feeling so alive!
F            C                     D              C          F      
Reaching for catharsis 'cause it's all I need for now before tomorrow comes!

C    D    Am
Yeah yeah yeah

Am        F
Never and always the same,
Am                 C           F
I'm going with the flow of the game.
Am                 F
Trying to keep the feeling alive,
Am                C      F
Searching for the way to survive.


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